Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Each Regions Abilities, Products and Count

With the difference in culture and belief came the difference of success and strategy in the civil war. With the North, It came down to a matter of population and product. The North had more manufactured goods and this gave them easier excess to supplies and tools. Plus, the North had more tracks on the railroads so they were able to get to those much easier and that was something that the South did not have. They also had more of the population, which gave the North an easier time getting troops together and keep their own small army and navy well supplied with troops. But the South had more of an advantage when it came to military preparation. The major army training facilities were all in the South, which made each graduate a Southerner and a member of the Confederacy. Plus, due to the major population being composed of slaves, the South had a large supply of expendable men who would be forced to fight. This meant a larger army and chance of winning. The South also didn't need to take any immediate military action. All they had to do was wait and keep beating back the North's constant attacks. Each of these reasons gave each region a direct and important advantage on the Civil war.

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